Keep the Kuhn - Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Successfully funded on May 12, 2013.


The Kuhn Cinema must upgrade their projector from film to digital in order to stay in business. The new projector costs $35,000 which they do not have the means to obtain after taking on renovation costs when they re-opened the historic venue.

Use Kickstarter to crowdsource funding for the digital projector. Click to see the Kickstarter page.

The domain was purchased to easily direct people to the Kickstarter.

The video narrative contrasts the usual, "Hello, my name is Jim and here's what I need funding for" style of Kickstarter video with a look at the Kuhn from a child's point of view. Cinema allows the viewer to escape into the setting of the movie and aims to ignite an adventurous spirit to explore.

Story: The Kuhn Cinema is nearly eighty years old and the story illustrates urgency for preservation of history. Photos included show the venue in the '60s alongside as it stands presently. Also the owners' purchase of the theater and last eight years of dedication to provide the community with quality cinema entertainment is highlighted.

Rewards: The pledge rewards must be desirable and substantial for backers yet profitable enough for the Kuhn to raise enough money to purchase the digital projector.



The Kuhn Cinema Facebook page was themed for the campaign and used to raise awareness.



Status updates with graphics were used to inform Facebook fans about the status of the campaign. Many stories were created as fans shared, liked, and commented.


On-screen Advertising

Slides were on screen before movie showings.



Letters encouraging sponsorship were sent to businesses in the Lebanon area. Four frames of 35mm movie film were inserted into each envelope.


Posters were plastered around the theater for customers who weren't active on Facebook.


The Outcome

kuhn results.jpg

The Lebanon community along with independent cinema supporters across the United States kept the Kuhn Cinema. The Kickstarter campaign lasted 31 days and the goal was met within 27 days. The Kuhn Cinema is in the process of purchasing the digital projector and plans to install it in July.


Update: The Kuhn Cinema installed the crowdsourced projector and continues to bring new blockbusters to their historic venue.